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These civil appeals, which have been heard through video conferencing, have been filed by three surviving dependents (who are two minor daughters and father) of the two deceased, impugning the judgment dated 17.07.2017 of the High Court of Delhi through which motor accident compensation of Rs 40.71 lakhs awarded by the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal, Rohini (hereinafter, "Tribunal") on 24.12.2016 under Section 168 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 ("MV Act"), was reduced to Rs 22 lakhs.

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36 states and D.C. accuse Google of violating antitrust laws in new lawsuit


Google faces legal action from 37 states over app store practices

The number of legal challenges Google is facing continues to grow as a coalition of attorneys general from 36 states and the District of Columbia filed a lawsuit against the search giant on Wednesday alleging the company is engaged in anti-competitive behavior and monopolizing the Play Store. Google is currently facing three other federal antitrust lawsuits, including one from the Justice Department that alleges the company's dominant search engine has allowed it to become a "monopoly gatekeeper" of the internet. But Wednesday's lawsuit is the first to challenge Google's new policy to force all app developers who want to use the Play Store to pay a 30% commission on sales. The new policy from Google will go into effect in September. "To collect and maintain this extravagant commission, Google has employed anti-competitive tactics to diminish and disincentivize competition in Android app distribution," the lawsuit claims. It adds, "Google has not only targeted potentially competing app stores, but also has ensured that app developers themselves have no reasonable choice but to distribute their apps through the Google Play Store."

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London judges reverse course to reopen $7 bln Brazil dam lawsuit against BHP


Appeals court revives case over dam rupture behind Brazil's worst environmental disaster
London's Court of Appeal made a U-turn on Tuesday by agreeing to reopen a $7 billion lawsuit by 200,000 claimants against Anglo-Australian mining giant BHP (BHP.AX), (BHPB.L), reviving a case over a dam rupture behind Brazil's worst environmental disaster. Lawyers for one of the largest group claims in English legal history have been pushing to resurrect the 5 billion pound ($6.9 billion) lawsuit against BHP since a lower court struck out the lawsuit as an abuse of process last year - and a Court of Appeal judge upheld that decision in March. read more But in a highly unusual move, three Appeal Court judges on Tuesday reversed course and granted permission for an appeal, saying they believed it had a "real prospect of success".

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