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These civil appeals, which have been heard through video conferencing, have been filed by three surviving dependents (who are two minor daughters and father) of the two deceased, impugning the judgment dated 17.07.2017 of the High Court of Delhi through which motor accident compensation of Rs 40.71 lakhs awarded by the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal, Rohini (hereinafter, "Tribunal") on 24.12.2016 under Section 168 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 ("MV Act"), was reduced to Rs 22 lakhs.

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UK 4-day work week trial finds few going back to 5 days

NEW YORK: The largest-ever trial of the four-day work week found that most UK companies participating are not returning to the five-day standard, and a third are ready to make that change permanent. The study involved 61 organisations and about 2,900 workers who voluntarily adopted truncated work weeks from June to December 2022. Only three organisations decided to pause the experiment, and two are still considering shorter hours, according to data released yesterday. The rest were convinced by revenue gains, drops in turnover and lower levels of worker burnout that four is the new five when it comes to work days. That thousands of employees adopted shorter schedules is notable given that the research occurred during trying economic circumstances that squeezed many British companies, including rapid inflation, political instability and fallout from Brexit.

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Govt agrees to recruit 10,000 workers from Sri Lanka

Govt agrees to recruit 10,000 workers from Sri Lanka
The Cabinet has agreed to recruit 10,000 workers from Sri Lanka after taking into account the state of the country which has been hit by an economic crisis, says Datuk Seri M. Saravanan. In a statement on Wednesday (Sept 21), the Human Resources Minister said the Sri Lankan government had submitted an official application to supply manpower involving a quota of 10,000 workers. The Cabinet, at its meeting last Sept 14, agreed to hire foreign workers to help Sri Lanka which is facing its worst economic crisis, he said, urging Malaysian industry and employers to support the government's gesture by employing workers from Sri Lanka to fill vacancies in sectors allowed to hire foreign workers.

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