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Drilling for oil is a risky business. Oil companies seek to protect themselves against the financial consequences of risk by appropriate clauses in their contracts, for example, by a force majeure clause. This case concerns a contract for the hire of an ex pensive oil rig which contained such a clause. During the course of a territorial sea dispute between neighbouring states the arbitration tribunal determining that dispute required drilling to cease in the disputed sea where drilling was to take place....

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Islamic finance a main pillar for the Islamic digital economy

Islamic finance
Malaysia at forefront of developing inclusive Islamic digital economy
With the progress of new financial technologies and countless innovations in many other segments of the global economy, advanced Muslim countries are increasingly working on establishing an ecosystem for what they define as an “inclusive Islamic digital economy.” Such a concept aims at combining the core sectors of what today constitutes the digital economy under Shariah compliance, besides Islamic finance and investment products, also e-commerce, food, transportation and logistics, the sharing economy, as well as lifestyle, travel and entertainment. Market data shows that Muslim consumers worldwide contributed over $200bn to the global digital economy of a total of more than $2tn as of 2018, and at a 17% compounded annual growth rate their spending has been growing faster than the rest of the digital economy.

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Caster Semenya able to run medication-free for now as Swiss court floors IAAF

Olympic 800m champion cleared to race in events of all distances 
Caster Semenya is once again free to run the 800m without having to take medication – at least for the time being – after the Swiss supreme federal court ordered the IAAF to suspend its testosterone regulations for her with immediate effect. The surprise news – which completely blindsided athletics’ governing body – means that the Olympic champion can compete in distances ranging from 400m to a mile without medication until at least 25 June. However, for now it applies only to the South African and not other athletes with differences in sexual development (DSD).

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