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Drilling for oil is a risky business. Oil companies seek to protect themselves against the financial consequences of risk by appropriate clauses in their contracts, for example, by a force majeure clause. This case concerns a contract for the hire of an ex pensive oil rig which contained such a clause. During the course of a territorial sea dispute between neighbouring states the arbitration tribunal determining that dispute required drilling to cease in the disputed sea where drilling was to take place....

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First follow-on cartel damages case reaches judgment in UK


HC signals allowing cartelist to retain overcharges would be against justice, fairness and public policy
Damages have been awarded to BritNed in the first cartel damages case to reach judgment in the UK. BritNed, a jointly owned by UK National Grid and Dutch TenneT, was found to have paid a higher price for a submarine cable system as a result of a power cables cartel in operation between 1999 and 2009. ABB supplied the cable element for a 1,000MW high-voltage submarine cable system connecting the electricity grids of the UK and the Netherlands.

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UK judge says there has to be an app for that!

Lawyers will lose the youth market if they fail to adapt and provide legal advice rapidly via mobile phone, according to a UK judge.
Sir Geoffrey warned, ‘there are risks, but we can minimise their adverse effects. Young people will no longer accept that legal advice is one of the only things they cannot obtain instantly or the next day with a few taps on their smartphone.’ While recognising the downsides of legal technology and artificial intelligence, Sir Geoffrey explained legal advice will become commonly delivered online in areas like property, divorce and straightforward commercial deals.

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