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Drilling for oil is a risky business. Oil companies seek to protect themselves against the financial consequences of risk by appropriate clauses in their contracts, for example, by a force majeure clause. This case concerns a contract for the hire of an ex pensive oil rig which contained such a clause. During the course of a territorial sea dispute between neighbouring states the arbitration tribunal determining that dispute required drilling to cease in the disputed sea where drilling was to take place....

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Over there, over here, prepaid concept to hit UK

UK firm Slater & Gordon teams up with US company to pilot app offering consumer legal advice for 'a pony' a month.
A new app is to be rolled out in the UK, giving users the full range of consumer legal advice and support is being touted at £24 a month, a pound short of ‘a pony’ in English money slang. The app, called LegalDefence, currently being piloted, will be rolled out early next year. The app is a sustained attempt to establish the concept of pre-paid legal services in the UK, which has been around for some time in the US. The app has been developed by LegalShield, a US company founded in 1972 by Harland Stonecipher.

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Companies 'can sack workers for refusing to use fingerprint scanners'

Businesses 'can sack workers for refusing to use fingerprint scanners'
Businesses using fingerprint scanners to monitor their workforce can legally sack employees who refuse to hand over biometric information on privacy grounds, the Fair Work Commission has ruled. The ruling, which will be appealed, was made in the case of Jeremy Lee, a Queensland sawmill worker who refused to comply with a new fingerprint scanning policy introduced at his work in Imbil, north of the Sunshine Coast, late last year.

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