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Drilling for oil is a risky business. Oil companies seek to protect themselves against the financial consequences of risk by appropriate clauses in their contracts, for example, by a force majeure clause. This case concerns a contract for the hire of an ex pensive oil rig which contained such a clause. During the course of a territorial sea dispute between neighbouring states the arbitration tribunal determining that dispute required drilling to cease in the disputed sea where drilling was to take place....

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Royal intrigue as aristocrat sues France on Monaco succession

And yes, it does involve legal intrigue, a cabaret singer and accusations of a power-grab in one of the world's luxury capitals.
A Parisian count claims his family are rightful heirs to Monaco and is suing France for $401 million in damages. Count Louis de Causans says the French state cheated his family out of the throne of Monaco. The count, full name Louis Jean Raymond Marie de Vincens de Causans, told Le Parisien the French state used ‘sleight of hand’ to rewrite Monaco's laws of succession during the reign of Louis II of Monaco (1922-44).

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ECJ delivers landmark copyright ruling

Watch out next time your kids illustrate their school projects! ECJ rules that freely available content not necessarily free.
Although content is freely available on the internet users should still get consent from the person originally putting the content online, Europe’s top court has ruled. The ruling is welcomed by Europe's creative industries, which complain online platforms deny publishers, broadcasters and artists of their revenues. The Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ was ruling on the case of a high school student in Germany who downloaded a photograph of Cordoba from a travel website to illustrate a presentation which was subsequently published on the school website. Photographer Dirk Renckhoff sued the city of Waltrop and North Rhine-Westphalia for copyright infringement and 400 euros in damages.

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