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Sun Electric Pte Ltd v Sunseap Group Pte Ltd and others

In this patent infringement action, the plaintiff, Sun Electric Pte Ltd ("the Plaintiff”), made an application under O 18 r 19 of the Rules of Court (Cap 322, R 5, 2014 Rev Ed) ("ROC”) to strike out certain parts of the amended defence and counterclaim dated 17 February 2017 ("the Defence and Counterclaim”) and the particulars of objection dated 5 January 2017 ("the Particulars of Objection”). Although the learned Assistant Registrar Justin Yeo ("the AR”) agreed with the Plaintiff on two out of the three issues raised at the hearing below, the outcome for practical purposes was that the defendants’ counterclaim was substantially allowed to remain as it was....

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Directors' private information safe from liquidators

Liquidators cannot examine directors' private financial info to decide whether to pursue litigation
The liquidators applied to the Court for an order requiring a director to provide personal tax returns, bank statements, loan documents, a list of assets, and trust information so that they could assess the potential financial benefit of pursuing the director for an alleged breach of directors’ duties.

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Insurers not entitled to a lien over litigation proceeds of a foreign insolvent company

Courts reluctant to extend common law or equitable lien in absence of clear legislative intent
The High Court has held that insurers who had facilitated litigation proceedings by an insolvent company were not entitled to a lien akin to a solicitor’s common law or equitable lien over the proceeds of the litigation to recover the deferred premium.

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